Taneční Centrum Praha

Why should you choose Dance Center Prague:

  • Conservatoire – gymnasium
  • Studying includes the final graduation exam – SAT (maturita)
    with the possibility to get diploma with teaching qualification
  • Excellent preparation for performing practice and higher educational establishment
  • International cooperation – 40% of choreofraphers, teachers are from abroad
  • Two school dance companies: Ballet Prague Junior a Baby Ballet Prague,
    good quality stage practice as well as choreography practice
  • Student art agency – high quality management experience
  • Rehabilitation during the whole educational proces – physiotherapy, massage, swimming pool etc

Application form / Talent Test

To be a student of Dance Center Prague you need to fill in the application form and pass talent test

Criterias of succesful passing of the talent test:
– Talent test to be reached 80%
– Common knowledges to be reached 60%
– Music knowledges to be reached 60%
– Points assessment of the graduation certificate, the avarage point is 1.8

Common assessment, assessment of individual parts of the talent test:
– Common assessment of talent test to be reached 50%
– Assessment of theoretic tests to be reached 25%
– Assessment of the graduation certificate to be reached 25%