Scholarship  at Taneční centrum Praha – konzervatoř

(Dance Center Prague – Conservatoire)

 Entrance examination for 2020 – 21

 We want to admit a limited number of foreign students who can study at our Czech conservatoire. Necessary conditions for auditions:

  • classical techniques (at least 4 years of study)
  • contemporary techniques (at least 1 – 2 years)
  • Age: 15 and above
  • English language skills (intermediate)
  • Approval from student´s own conservatoire/school/studio
  • Approval from parents (age 15 – 18)

TCP Conservatoire (Dance Center Prague) is able to provide the following conditions:

  1. Full educational and artistic programme of the TCP Conservatoire – without all taxes and payments (in the relevant class and level)
  2. Repertoire and stage experience with student companies “Ballet Prague Junior” or “Baby Ballet Prague” – according to dramaturgic plan
  3. Half-term and final year examinations and tests + official certificates
  4. Accommodation in a student residence of TCP Conservatoire.

Applicants will send: professional Curriculum Vitae (in English), a civil photo, 3 artistic photos showing dance skills, a relevant dance video (DVD), an approval confirmed by the director of the conservatoire – company – studio.

TCP (Dance Center Prague) Conservatoire will immediately announce successful applicants and the period of scholarship (school year is from August 17th 2020 June 30th   2021).

Successful applicants have to arrange their study permit and insurance policy.

TCP (Dance Center Prague) will arrange all educational conditions and accommodation. Students have to pay for their travel expenses, accommodation and meals during their stay in Prague.

Accommodation: approx.  2000,- CZK  = 72,- EUR per month

Meals: approx. 3.000,- CZK =  110,- EUR per month

This project is also trying to establish cultural links among “dance” countries and communities. We are able to provide information about the network of professional dance companies and academies in the Czech Republic.

Prague, February, 2020
Jan Schneider, DiS., BBA
product manager


Taneční Centrum Praha